Angelo Kangleon is a photographer based in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in music, style, surf/adventure, and active lifestyle portraits.

A former writer, editor and stylist, and an erstwhile set decorator, Angelo began his creative career at a very young age, landing his first editorial and styling jobs in his mid-teens. Today he leverages all those years of experience, a keen editorial acumen, plus invaluable learnings/best practices culled from his industry mentors and his continuing education efforts, to create compelling pictures and help his subjects/clients make effective image decisions.

His favorite part of his creative process is the development of the storyboards and mood boards: “I was a writer before I became everything else,” he shares, “so it was only natural that storytelling would become a huge part of all the other things I ended up pursuing.” Of course, following as close second is getting to work with a lot of talented people: “Especially musicians—there’s something magical about collaborating with and photographing people who are very passionate about the work that they do.”

Angelo values continuous learning and sharing knowledge; he regularly attends seminars, classes and conferences devoted to photography and curation (see below), and has conducted lectures and workshops on styling and mood board development, among others, at fine arts and design schools in his hometown of Cebu, Philippines.

Angelo counts Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mary Ellen Mark, Grace Coddington, Melodie McDaniel, Chris Burkard, Boo George, Malick Sidibé, and Patti Smith as his biggest influences.

  • School of the International Center of Photography, New York, NY, Summer/Fall 2014
  • Samy's Photo School, Los Angeles, CA, Fall 2014
  • Photo LA, Los Angeles, CA, Winter 2015/2016
  • Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA, Summer/Fall 2016
  • Photo LA, Los Angeles, CA, Winter 2016/2017
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