Puff Daddy: J1S Brand Fall/Winter 2021 Mini Lookbook

J1S Brand fall/winter 2021 mini lookbook photographed by Angelo Kangleon in New York, NY, on September 11, 2021

J1S Brand is a Columbus, OH-based street outerwear brand founded by self-taught designer Darell Jones in 2011 (J1S is the stylized form of his last name); the idea for the brand came about when Darell couldn’t find the kind of clothes he wanted anywhere, and so he taught himself how to sew and began making his own pieces out of his college dorm room; the brand started out with a humble collection of painted T-shirts and bucket hats, and, after friends and acquaintances found out about his work, Darell soon found himself creating bespoke pieces; as soon as he got out of college, Darell sewed more and more, and added a panoply of styles—hoodies, jerseys, sweatsuits, and tailored shirts—into the mix; in 2017, he went through a reconstrual and decided to take his brand to the next level by distilling his fashion vocabulary and honing in on original, completely-made-from-scratch street outerwear; setting up shop in Columbus enabled Darell to network with and expand his reach into locally-owned shops and spaces, and J1S Brand began its ascent within the Columbus fashion scene; soon, Darell was churning out pieces that were so one-of-a-kind it could inspire envy in other streetwear designers, and he began showcasing them in fashion shows all over Ohio; the past four years saw more growth as the brand found its way into runways in Cleveland, New York, and Los Angeles, and into the pages of a number of fashion magazines; today J1S Brand is known for their unmatched penchant for mixing unconventional materials with eye-popping prints/textures, and experimental silhouettes with eclectically eccentric details; it is this aesthetic (paired with Darell’s vigor, work ethic and discipline) that has built a very strong gestalt around J1S Brand, and now their pieces enjoy hard-earned placements in showrooms across the New York and Los Angeles, at the disposal of these cities’ most exclusive and most coveted stylists (some pieces have even been seen on the backs of celebrities and musicians); click here to visit the official J1S Brand website, and here to connect with them regarding their custom services; follow @j1sbrand on Instagram for news and updates on new releases, shows and pop-up events; for P.R. and pulls, contact the Confessional Showroom NYC

Darell Jones wearing some of his own creations for the J1S Brand fall/winter 2021 collection; photographed by Angelo Kangleon in New York, NY, on September 11, 2021 (with social distancing precautions in place); some of these photos were taken using 35mm film (Kodak Tri-X 400)

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