The Girl Who Fell to Earth: JBCG Summer 2017 Lookbook

JBCG (acronym for Just Be Crazy Goods) is a Japanese fashion brand founded by designer and Nylon Japan blogger/columnist Natsuki Kato when she was a just student at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles; its graphic-heavy apparel inspired by ’50s-to-’90s global pop culture has earned the brand a cult following among young Japanese streetwear fans, but it is also known for its line of quirky and unique handmade accessories inspired by religious iconography and medieval art; more recently Natsuki has donned the hat of curator and vintage treasure hunter, and will be adding vintage clothing selections to the JBGC’s online shop soon; click here to shop their latest collections; follow @jbcg_official on Instagram for news and updates on new releases and pop-up events

Natsuki Kato for the JBCG Summer 2017 Lookbook, photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on March 26, 2017; some of these photos were taken using 35mm film (Kodak Portra 400)

Gotta Give It Up for the Westside: Jemar Michael

Jemar Michael is an actor, model and artist based in Los Angeles, CA; his most notable role is as Al in the Netflix series Dear White People, now on its third season (a fourth season is set to be released this year), based on 2014’s Sundance award-winning satirical drama of the same name, in which he was also part of the cast (as Smoothe); his most recent role is as Oren in the third season of the Web mini-series The Chadwick Journals; when he is not busy in front of the camera, he dabbles in painting, and his debut art show To All the F*cks I Never Gave, held at East Hollywood’s Thymele Arts in the spring of 2019 and which featured his pop art-inspired works, was well-received by young L.A. art fans; click here to see his full filmography, and here to view some of his artwork; follow @jemarmxchael on Instagram

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on December 26, 2016; 7 of these photos were taken using 35mm film (Kodak Portra 400)

Smooth Operator: Brooke Aulani

Brooke Aulani is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, lauded for her captivating, atmospheric brand of music that seamlessly commingles dark pop with R&B, featuring her signature sultry, soulful vocals and unnervingly honest lyrics set to slinky, impeccably complex sonic textures; she is also celebrated for her commanding stage presence (Grammy-nominated artist Daniel Bedingfield once said of her: “Brooke has the power to take a room of people and make them focus on her, and draw them into where she wants to be”); her debut EP Bedroom Music was released in 2016, and spawned the fan favorite “Shame” and the delightfully addictive “Like I Do;” Brooke has dropped three new singles since, including the deliciously repeat-listen “Out Loud” from 2018; visit her Spotify page to listen to her songs, or her YouTube channel to watch her videos (bonus: there’s a genius cover of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” in there); follow @brookeaulani on Instagram for updates on upcoming releases and shows 

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on August 13, 2017

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