Rooftops and Invitations: Patrick Phillips of Water Slice

Patrick Phillips is the founding frontman of Los Angeles-based rock collective Water Slice; before Water Slice, he was part of the Portland-based experimental pop group BRAINSTORM; visit the Water Slice Facebook page to listen to their music and for updates on upcoming live performances; follow @waterslicemusic on Instagram

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on March 5, 2017; two of these photos were taken using 35mm film (Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 and Fujicolor 200)

And All That Jazz: Christina Kim Davis

Christina Kim Davis is a Los Angeles-based dancer, choreographer, model, and stylist, represented by BlocLA; she is a backup dancer for Meghan Trainor, and has also appeared in other artists’ videos (Iggy Azalea’s “Mo Bounce,” Mura Masa’s “All Around the World,” with Keke Palmer in the “Down in the DM” dance video, etc.); B.FLY, her fledgling line of one-of-a-kind distressed, bleached, and hand-painted clothing, was launched earlier this year; visit her Website for booking inquiries and to shop her B.FLY creations; follow @christinakimdavis_ on Instagram

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on January 8, 2017

Storm in the Heartland: Diamond Force Time Machine

Diamond Force Time Machine is an indie jam/progressive rock duo based in Washington, D.C., composed of Caleb Colin (vocals, guitars) and Stephen Luke (lead guitar); it was Colin who decided to form a duo, wanting a departure from his previous singer-songwriter solo acoustic sets; with Luke’s joining, and through a dynamically collaborative partnership, they have done justice to their talents and fulfilled their potentials beyond solo performance, and forged a sound that is completely their own, blending their classic rock influences with soul, jazz, and R&B, peppered with ingenious improvs; they have played local bars and music clubs around the DMV, but are looking to expand to shows further up the east coast; as of this writing, Colin has confirmed they are “finished writing [their] first album,” and are planning to start recording in the summer of this year; visit their Soundcloud page or their YouTube channel to check out their demos; follow @thedftm on Instagram for updates

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Washington, D.C., on November 19, 2016

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