Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Worn-Tin

Worn-Tin is a musician based in Los Angeles, CA, lauded for his charming blend of lo-fi, garage rock and alt-rock, and his quirky yet captivating live performances, which often involve a kid playing Nintendo games onstage and him and his band handing out Capri Sun to audience members; his second album Thanatophobia, inspired by a near-death experience, was released early this year to critical acclaim; he is currently at work on a third full-length, which is set to drop in August; click here to visit his Bandcamp page and to listen to songs from Thanatophobia and earlier releases

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on April 23, 2016

Bring the Boys Back Home: Tutu Sweeney

Tutu Sweeney is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and actor based in Los Angeles, CA; his most notable film appearance was in 2002’s The Scorpion King; he is currently at work on a new EP ; click here to visit his SoundCloud profile

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on April 16, 2016

Two of these photos (topmost and 11th from top) are my tributes to the great Malick Sidibé, one of my biggest influences, who had passed away some two days before this shoot)

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