Hit ‘Em Up Style: Teydie for RIVA New York X Brillies Sunglasses

Singer-songwriter Teydie for RIVA New York and Brillies Sunglasses, photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Brooklyn, NY

RIVA New York is a direct-to-consumer jewelry brand focused on making “jewelry you can be proud of:” approachably-priced (i.e., no middleman markups) sustainable pieces, handmade in their Brooklyn, NY, facilities using ethically-sourced and recycled materials; their debut collection, aptly called the Expression Collection, features modular pieces (foundation or freestyle paper clip chains, “Invisible Clasps” and gemstone charms) that you can mix and match so they can transform with you as your evolves; click here to shop their Expression Collection, or here to view their full catalog; follow @rivanewyork on Instagram for updates on new collections and special promotions

Brillies Sunglasses is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce company specializing in vintage sunglasses; founded by Pasadena-based entrepreneur and small business advocate Kaila Uli in 2017, Brillies started as a specialty shop on the e-commerce platform Etsy, but “has since grown to into a thriving vintage eyewear community;” poised at an intersection of being  a hip cult favorite and an acutely sustainability-focused brand, almost 100% of the items that they sell are dead stock—“meaning, they were made at least 20 years ago, but were never sold”—predicated on their commitment to “reuse the past to preserve the future” and to “avoid creating waste by reusing what’s already here;” click here to shop their collections; follow @brillies.co on Instagram for updates on new styles and drops; follow Brillies founder Kaila Uli on TikTok for small business tips 

Teydie is a singer-songwriter based in New York, NY; she slid into the music scene in the spring of 2019 with casual aplomb, releasing her first single “Do Nothing,” an intimate, nonchalant yet sumptuous get-you-in-the-mood slow jam that brandishes her sultry and fluid vocals set against a slinky production that seemed to expand the parameters of R&B to include rock elements and hints of jazz; “alternative R&B” is how she classifies her progressive sound, although you can hear that she determinedly doesn’t stray too much from homegrown Brooklyn vibes; she has since dropped two other songs—the searingly emotive “Victim” in late 2019 and, after a long pandemic-induced hiatus, the irresistibly boppy “Cool EFX” this past spring—and she is currently working on her first EP, which she plans to release towards the end of 2021; she is also a professional model, and has appeared in a few high-profile campaigns, the latest of which was Deisel’s “When Together” campaign for spring/summer 2021; visit her Spotify page to listen to her songs, or her YouTube channel to see her videos; follow @teydiebaby on Instagram for updates on upcoming releases and shows

Teydie for RIVA New York X Brillies; photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Brooklyn, NY, on May 20, 2021 (with social distancing precautions in place)

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