All of the Lights: Demie Cao

Rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer  Demie Cao photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA

Demie Cao is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer based in Los Angeles, CA, signed to 5A Label/MRMG (Mister Rocks Music Group); she broke into the scene in the summer of 2019 with her debut single “Night Vision,” released as part of VIBE Presents: Urban Asia Vol 2, the much-heralded compilation album of Asian rap and hip hop presented by VIBE in partnership with Hong Kong-based b2 Music; the song held its own among a flurry of other tracks from top rap and hip hop names from all across Asia and the Pacific (including Ramengvrl, Mrs M, MIYACHI, etc.), carrying a torch rather than shrinking in the shadows, thanks to the unique contours of her voice, the trilingual verses she spits and freewheeling eclecticism of her melodies; “Night Vision,” along with  the high-wattage, hyper-vivid and hypnotic visuals of the accompanying music video, was quick to earn her a cult following not only in Asia, but in the U.S., as well; as a dancer, she has appeared in music videos for Lydia Paek and Sik-K; she has also penned songs for other Chinese and Korean artists; earlier this year she dropped her much-anticipated follow-up single, “Yung,” which quickly became a fan favorite; and, as if to prove she is as prolific as she is talented, just this past month she released another single, the deliciously catchy and danceable “Sage,” a collaboration effort with Holly, and, as of this writing (August 7, 2020), she just released another new track, “Rari;” she is currently working on her debut EP Airplane Mode, which she plans to unleash later this year; when she is not busy working on her EP or writing songs for other artists, she is donning the hat of label A&R for 5A Label/MRMG, flexing her music business muscles and broadening her scope (she graduated with a B.A of Arts in Music Business from USC); click here for Demie’s official artist bio; visit her Spotify to listen to her songs, or her YouTube channel to watch her videos (the video for “Night Vision” can be found in b2 Music’s channel; visit the 5A Label/MRMG Website or follow @demiethedestroyer on Instagram for updates on upcoming releases and shows

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on June 13, 2020, with social distancing precautions in place

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