Welcome to the Hotel California: Porsia Camille

Porsia Camille is an R&B singer-songwriter and producer based in the Coachella Valley; her 7-track debut EP of covers, which she self-produced, was released electronically last October 2015, and she is currently at work on a follow-up EP of all-original music, set to be dropped towards the tail end of 2016; when she is not working on her recording project or performing at the most happening music venues in the desert, she lends her vocal abilities to other Palm Springs-based artists, like CAKES; she has also provided backing vocals for Southern California-based hip-hop acts like Larry Shaw and On A Monday; visit her Soundcloud profile or her YouTube channel to listen to her music 

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Palm Springs, CA, on August 6, 2016

Scoop-neckline crop top in white, Windsor; high-rise cuffed denim shorts, C’est Toi; ribbed knit leggings in black, Forever 21; Nirvana floral smiley logo T-shirt, Hot Topic; contrast zigzag faux fur short jacket, H&M

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