Do You Know the Way to San Jose: Super Elidio

Super Elidio, formerly known as Elidio, is a DJ, musician, record producer, and erstwhile rapper based in San Jose, CA; originally from Mexico, he started his musical journey as a hip-hop and rap artist, and was known for his fresh, highly original sound that mixed his Spanish lyrics with Bay Area hip-hop stylings; in recent years he found his true calling as a DJ and producer, and made the switch to techno, exploring sounds along the full spectrum of the genre; he enjoys performing at parties and private events, and his motivation is the fun time that he inspires among his listeners/audience; since COVID-19 hit, he has pivoted to live streams to continue entertaining his fans; visit his Soundcloud page or his Spotify to check out his music; follow @super__elidio on Instagram for updates on upcoming releases and live streams

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on September 6, 2020, with social distancing precautions in place; styled by Angelo Kangleon; assisted by Dominique Paden;  black open mesh shirt, OTIER by Oscar Utiérre; black denim shorts, ASOS DESIGN; camo jumpsuit, vintage, from Golden Age Hollywood; black bandana print button-front shirt and matching shorts, Quavo for BoohooMan Season 2; “Resistance is Power” Barranco sweatshirt, Willy Chavarria; wide-legged trousers, stylist’s own; coquelicot and flax baroque-print button-front shirt and matching shorts, BoohooMan; checked trousers, BoohooMan; black combat boots, Topman; brown chelsea boots, Topman; western-style buckle leather belt, Urban Outfitters; black leather fingerless gloves, Straight to Hell; flame-style sunglasses, Fox & Raine; all tie-dye socks, Urban Outfitters 

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