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  1. The Rose that Grew from Concrete: Amalya Meira Summer 2022 Capsule Lookbook

    2022-08-07 15:06:12 UTC

    Amalya Meira is a fashion designer, costume designer, textile designer, and curator based in Brooklyn, NY; growing up in a creative household (her mom was graphic designer who later became a jewelry designer), she developed a passion for creating and artistic expression at a young age, and quickly came to…

  2. Alley Cats: Franky Flowers

    2017-09-10 19:01:00 UTC

    Franky Flowers is an indie rock band based in Los Angeles, CA, lauded for their highly infectious, catchy sounds that ingeniously combine psychedelic rock, shoegaze, garage rock, surf-grunge, lo-fi, and noise pop; their debut EP Blue Eyes, released in the summer of 2014, catapulted them to indie stardom; they…

  3. The Lyrical Gangster: Elidio

    2017-07-27 02:08:00 UTC

    Elidio is a recording artist based in San Jose, CA; originally from Mexico, he likes to incorporate his heritage into his music, resulting in a fresh, highly original sound that mixes his Spanish lyrics with Bay Area stylings, heavy-hitting beats, buzzing basslines, and smooth synth riffs; he is known for…

  4. Rooftops and Invitations: Patrick Phillips of Water Slice

    2017-07-08 22:29:00 UTC

    Patrick Phillips is the founding frontman of Los Angeles-based rock collective Water Slice; before Water Slice, he was part of the Portland-based experimental pop group BRAINSTORM; visit the Water Slice Facebook page to listen to their music and for updates on upcoming live performances; follow @waterslicemusic on Instagram…

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