The Lyrical Gangster: Elidio

Elidio is a recording artist based in San Jose, CA; originally from Mexico, he likes to incorporate his heritage into his music, resulting in a fresh, highly original sound that mixes his Spanish lyrics with Bay Area stylings, heavy-hitting beats, buzzing basslines, and smooth synth riffs; he is known for his “hang loose” approach to performing, easily adapting to any type of crowd by improvising his narratives and his music; he mostly performs around the Bay Area, but hopes to expand his network at some point; his latest EP, Flip the Pyramid Upside Down, was released last year (2016), and a follow-up is currently in the works; visit his Soundcloud page to check out his music; follow @elidio__ on Instagram for updates on upcoming releases and live performances

Photographed by Angelo Kangleon in Los Angeles, CA, on March 11, 2017; two of these photos were taken using Fujicolor 200

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